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We, the Hoofprint, are an official student-produced publication. As an entity, we aim to serve as a designated open, public forum for freedom of expression for students to freely disseminate information and express their ideas. Under the rights delegated by the First Amendment and California Education Code 48907, the Hoofprint operates without prior review and produces content that reflects the views of the student body (within legal and ethical bounds).

Our student editorial board and student staff members assume complete legal liability for the content of the publication. On our part, this includes openly admitting to and promptly correcting mistakes. By holding ourselves accountable for our work, we also are prepared to justify the actions we take and the content we publish. In the case of a student injury or death, coverage will generally take the form of hard news in which we will include the student’s name unless the a parent or student does not want the name to be released. However, we will respect the parents’ wishes for the way in which the student will be covered.

Because we aim to deliver accurate information in our content, we will verify all facts surrounding articles both in print and online. Interviewed quotes will have the support of handwritten or voice-recorded transcripts. In the case that we mistake a fact, misquote someone, or publish photos of the wrong person or event in an online article, we will promptly update it with the correct information and make a note when the revision was made. For our print articles, revisions will be made when we publish the content online — unless the article is libelous, offensive, or editorializes a hard news topic, in which we will print a retraction the following issue.

Furthermore, because we have the right to no prior review, it is all the more important to apply ethical prudence so that content is produced responsibly, keeping in mind the people’s best interests. The First Amendment’s protections intend to serve not the press, but the people. As journalists, we exercise these rights to thoroughly investigate and report all issues in an unbiased, objective manner. This unbiased method of reporting ensures that we fairly address all sides of an issue to uphold the truth for our readers. We will try to minimize harm by understanding the implications of our work and showing sensitivity to all sides of a story.

Our award-winning newspaper has been established as a designated open, public forum for students to inform and educate their readers about topics relevant to a school-wide audience. Our student journalists use print and electronic media to report news and events, communicate with other students and individuals, ask questions and gather material to meet their news-gathering and research needs.

Our newspaper is a hybrid publication, present on both online and print platforms. The editorial board decides whether content will be placed on the online website or print paper. The website (www.whshoofprint.com) is coordinated with and does not replace the print paper. We hope that the website, along with our Facebook (WHS Publications), Instagram (whspublications) and Twitter (@WalnutHS_news and @WalnutHS_sports), will provide content daily and in an easily accessible manner, while also providing expanded opportunities for interaction with our readers. Online content, which includes stories, videos, photo galleries and more, will be published daily.

Electronic media produced by The Hoofprint is entitled to the same protections – and subjected to the same freedoms and responsibilities – as media produced for print publication. As such, they are not subject to prior review. These include, but are not limited to, posts, videos and tweets.

Here at The Hoofprint, we try to reflect the voice of the student body as best as we can. Therefore, we welcome all types of feedback and student submissions. We can be reached at hoofprintwhs@gmail.com or contacted directly in Room D-1. These contributions can come in form of student-produced articles and letters, editorial cartoons and guest opinion writers. We will publish these student submissions either online or in print if we determine that the content is truthful, relevant to the student body and not libelous. We strongly urge student participation in order to encompass the entire scope of the Walnut community.

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