Additional Props in Marching Band field show

Marching Band produced extra props to perform in its “Alice in Wonderland”-themed field show.

Using a combination of wooden structures and paintings, Marching Band hopes to make a more interesting field show to increase its visual score when competition season begins. They have produced a mountain, a clock, 10 carts, four chess pieces and a painting of the Cheshire Cat.

“It’ll have our band members more engaged and have more fun. They’ll see [that the props] look really cool, and they will feel cool [performing],” head drum major senior Caitlin Au said.

Mr. Bejarano, a student’s parent, helped make these large wooden creations which includes a large clock where an instrumentalist can stand.

“[I’m] very grateful and honestly really impressed with the parents help in assembling, painting and making the props in general,” Au said. “[The props] invoke a sense of awe because they’re super cool and have a nice color scheme.”

By Philbert Loekman, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of Blue Thunder Marching Band


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