Advanced and Intermediate Jazz Bands to Perform with Glenn Miller Orchestra

Advanced and Intermediate Jazz Bands will perform alongside the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the Performing Arts Center Saturday, Sept. 17.

Band members have been practicing daily for this concert. Instrumental music directors Buddy Clements and Corey Wicks have also been incorporating impromptu solo breaks into class time in order to better prepare the bands.

“We’ve been working very hard — we haven’t really had anything other than practice or rehearsal time,” drum and tuba player sophomore Matt Steinberg said. “We’ve kind of just been coming in and taking care of business. [But] it’s a joy to work on and I’m honored to be a part of this. It is really a once in a lifetime thing to be able to play with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.”

This will be the third time since 2012 that Jazz Band joins the Orchestra onstage to perform together. Both groups will play “In the Mood” for the finale.

“I feel nervous to be playing with them,” drum set player junior Gabriel Oliver said. “But this year, I have a lot more confidence in myself to be playing in such a big event.”

This concert is the one of the few this year where the guest performers are the featured act. The Glenn Miller Orchestra will play a diverse selection of its most iconic songs, and Jazz Band will open and close with “Theme from the Mancini Generation,” “Charade” and “The Girl from Ipanema.”

“The jazz songs are really fun to play,” trumpet player sophomore Alyanna Diaz said. “They’re pretty easy and enjoyable. And we also have these visuals too, which are really cool.”

Glenn Miller has worked with the bands to incorporate small dances and gestures in between performances. While still in tune with the melody, they coordinate specific sections to do small tricks with their instruments, such as a trombone feature which was inspired by the original Orchestra. The theme of the music will also incorporate the same genre and mood, which includes upbeat jazz and fast-paced rhythms.

“Playing with the Glenn Miller Orchestra is always really great,” bass player senior Matthew Distante said. “Jazz band is one of the highlights of my day, so I’m looking forward to playing and entertaining people. It’s the Glenn Miller Orchestra and it’s a big opportunity to play with them. The audience will enjoy Walnut’s performance, but I think that they’ll enjoy Glenn Miller’s performance even more.”

Written by Ashley Liang, Staff writer
Photo by Austin Lam