Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras perform their annual Movie Magic Concert

Advanced Symphonic Orchestra and Intermediate String Orchestra performed their annual Movie Magic Concert Thursday, Feb. 20 at the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Exclusively featuring film scores by American composer Alan Silvestri, the concert paid homage to classic tunes from popular movies such as “The Avengers,” “Forrest Gump” and “Back to the Future”. The orchestras performed six songs in total. Additionally, clips from the featured movies were played in the background to accompany the music.

“[Although] the concert was shorter than what we normally do, I enjoyed the experience. I especially loved playing songs from ‘Back to the Future’ because they allowed for greater dynamics rather than just tempo and rhythm. [The song] was less stagnant than the others, and it was more fun to play,” violinist senior Kelly Poon said.

Both orchestras have been preparing for the concert since January. To account for the schedules of both Intermediate and Advanced Orchestras, practices took place during after-school and weekend rehearsals in preparation for one of their most highly-attended concerts of the year.

“We usually just practice classical ones, but being able to play pieces that the audience knows is really exciting,” bassist junior Tyler Mayeda said. “This has always been an interesting concert to do because the songs have more widespread appeal. It was great to see our practices pay off in the end.”

The Movie Magic Concert is the only showcase in which the advanced and intermediate orchestras combine to perform together. Because of the larger size of the integrated group, both orchestra directors Katelyn Takahashi and Corey Wicks oversaw the production.

“Playing with Advanced Orchestra was a really interesting experience. The combined efforts of the two groups was a good learning opportunity for me,” violinist junior Luran Zhang said. “I learned so much from Mr. Wicks on being more dynamic with [playing my music]. Overall, this has been my favorite concert.” 

Both the Advanced and Intermediate Orchestras will have their next performance during the District Arts Showcase Saturday, April 25 in the gym.

By Ashley Liang, Staff writer 
Photo courtesy of Katelyn Takahashi