All-State Honor Choir competes at San Jose

Seniors Hannah Carreon, David Liu and Daniel Munoz performed at the annual All-State High School Honor Choir Concert Saturday, March 16 at San Jose University.

Carreon sang eight songs, including Aaron Copland’s “Zion’s Walls,” Giselle Wyers’s “A Lonely Land” and William Belen’s “Alma Llanera,” in the mixed choir. Liu and Munoz will perform 10 songs, such as Michael Barrett’s “San’ Bonani/Namhla Kudibene,” Sten Källman’s “Fréo” and Jody Noblett’s “Riu, Riu Chiu,” in the men’s choir.

“Honor choir has been a different experience since it is entirely optional. There’s no college credit from this, so the people who are there really want to be there,” Liu said. “I’m excited because honor choir is an environment where people of all sort of backgrounds come together and put their skills to work at a single goal.”

To prepare, they flew to San Jose University to rehearse 12 hours each on Thursday, March 14 and Friday, March 15 and focused on overall production. Prior to the performance, they were emailed recordings of the songs to perfect their pronunciation.

“It’s an exciting experience because we get to work with well-known conductors and gain valuable insight from them,” Carreon said. “It’s also fun to work with other top vocalists from other high schools across california because they’re all so dedicated and invested to the music as I am.”

By Sherman Wu, Print editor
Photo courtesy of Lisa Lopez