“Almost, Maine” sets the mood for the holiday season

“Almost, Maine,” a production written by John Cariani and composed by Tom Kochan, is a romantic comedy. It first appeared at the Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine and broke box office records. Although “Almost, Maine” was an Off-Broadway show, the show was named “most produced play in North American high schools” from 2009-2010 and 2011-2012.

“Almost, Maine” is the perfect play to set the winter mood. With different sets and props, like fake snow and different settings like a house or the cozy interior of a bar, the play consists of eight disjointed scenes that reflected the overall theme of love.  Each scene takes place in the fictional city of Almost, Maine and holds a symbolic undertone that holistically portray how love can occur in many different ways. 

The opening scene introduced the play as a whole and was performed on the apron of the stage with two people, a girl and a boy, sitting on a bench with lights representing winter lights and fake snow. Shortly after, the curtains opened with Stagecraft helping set up for the following scene. 

My favorite scene was the love story about Daniel Harding, played by sophomore Andrew Alexandrescu, and Hope, played by senior Serena Velasquez, beginning with the two talking outside of Daniel’s house. I thought this scene was a creative way of reflecting the theme of love, especially when it was revealed that Daniel lost physical height because of all the hope he lost. I felt like this scene was very well performed and was executed perfectly. The movements that the actors made, along with their dramatic facial expressions, captured the audience into their love story and left me wanting more after the scene concluded. 

“[My favorite part about my scene was that I] just enjoyed having my own little house. The whole scene was fun. It was nice being able to perform for other people,” Alexandrescu said. “I was really nervous the first night because it was my first show, but by the time of closing night, I wasn’t nervous.”

Overall, I enjoyed the show very much. All the actors and actresses were able to remain in character, making the audience believe that what they were watching was real. This show was the perfect performance to get into the warm, winter holiday spirit. 

Written by Freda Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le