Band and Color Guard perform at Disneyland

Color Guard and Marching Band performed in their annual parade Saturday, Jan. 21 at Disneyland.

They marched to “Uptown Funk” while marching throughout the park, selected to perform through the Disney Performing Arts Program.

“I thought it was such an amazing experience. It’s really fun to see all the smiling people cheering out of the corner of [my] eyes, and some even dancing. Just the fact that [I] get to be with [my] friends and play music, which is something that we all share a passion for, is really neat,” drummer junior Christopher Ramirez said.

Color Guard and Marching Band entertained visitors in their 10-minute parade as they bonded with each other and gained experience in the field of music by performing in front of large crowds.

“The weather was perfect, and marching was a nice experience with the banners leading the parade,” Color Guard member senior Valerie Feng said. “Being with all my close teammates is rare since I’m in a big group, and it’s hard to find times when we are all free so it was a good bonding time.”

Walnut’s Marching Band and Color Guard has practiced since winter break, for more than four hours a week for three weeks, by marching around the track and rehearsing on the field.

“Rehearsal was pretty exciting, but it was also really tiring. I built stamina by marching for long periods of time and became a better trumpet player as well,” trumpeter freshman Dylan Wicks said. “The parade was pretty enjoyable because [of the song] we performed to, which was fun. Even though the walk was tiring, the experience of playing in front of crowds of people was something I’ll never forget.”

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Vincent Xie