Band and Color Guard win first place at Oceanview

The Blue Thunder Marching Band and Color Guard won first place overall in their division and second in the entire competition at the Orange Coast Invitational Saturday, Oct. 29 at Oceanview High School.

Color Guard had been preparing for the competition since receiving choreography for its show Heroes and Villains in June. In August, they practiced with Band during band camp and currently practice with them every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“I’ve never been more proud to be a part of an amazing group of performers, especially through all the intense rehearsals we’ve had,” Color Guard dance captain sophomore Paulina Utomo said. “It requires tons of practice and I’m not going to lie: it’s exhausting and sometimes we all get frustrated, but at the end, all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve poured into the show was worth the [win].”

At the start of the season, Band and Color Guard hosted two weeks of training, in which they practiced for eight hours each day. Throughout the two weeks, Band and Color Guard bonded and collaborated while learning the new field show.   

“We’re really happy and proud of each other. We practiced about ten hours a week and all of it was worth it and very necessary,” bass drummer freshman Hannah Davis said. “All the time we have spent together [does not] just help us individually become better players, but [also] more connected and more skilled as a group.”

Placing first in the auxiliary category, Color Guard scored 81 points along with Drumline, who won with 86.5 points in the percussion category. Band and Color Guard also earned first place for visual effects in the entire tournament with a score of 159 out of 200.

“Our drive to win is a culmination of incredibly motivated and competitive freshmen, as well as veterans who don’t want the same drop off in performance as in previous years,” band captain clarinetist senior AJ Ang said. “I definitely think the work and effort that was put in affected the performance in a very positive way. I’m excited to see where this momentum will take us as we get further in the season, and I’m really hoping I can go out on a high note with the team winning a championship.”

Band and Color Guard were scored by six judges on visual effects, visual performance, music effects, music performance, auxiliary performance and percussion performance. A seventh judge deducted points for any additional mistakes made. Together, they topped all four other schools in their division and 30 other schools in the whole competition.

“We were all in [formation], but when we heard our school get called, we all looked at each other with a lot of joy,” sophomore Brittnee Pham said. “[Watching] our captains and drum majors go up and accept the award was so surreal. It’s my first year on the team and to be able to experience that with people I would consider family is really amazing.”

By Isaac Le, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Christina Kondo