Band and Orchestra to perform in holiday concert

Band and Orchestra will be performing in their annual Home For The Holidays Christmas Concert Thursday, Dec. 15 in the Performing Arts Center.

Band and Orchestra practice every zero and sixth period, respectively, to improve on execution, technique and overall sound. Band utilizes a software called Smart Music, in which students play their part through a microphone and the music directors can listen to them individually. Orchestra also brings in specialists that teach and refine certain skills.

“Listening to each other while focusing on our own part and being able to follow the conductor’s lead is definitely a difficult thing to do, but it really helps us become a better orchestra as a whole, and [can] hopefully deliver a good performance to the audience,” violinist sophomore Tiffany Yeh said. “Before performances, we do like to get together and just play to have fun and loosen up. When you make relationships with a lot of people in Orchestra, it’s definitely more fun to practice.”

They will play a selection of Christmas music, including “Sleigh Ride” and “Carol of the Bells.” In addition, Orchestra plans to incorporate several stunts.

“I’m looking forward to performing these songs. Christmas songs are also just really fun to play as an entire orchestra because they’re so high-spirited and joyful. It’ll certainly relieve some of my stress and take my mind off of school for a while,” violinist junior Derek Wang said.

Throughout the year, the two ensembles have been improving specific areas in their playing, such as volume, coordination and sound quality. With the guidance of directors Buddy Clements and Corey Wicks, this concert will allow Band and Orchestra to showcase their techniques.

“[This concert is] normally more cheerful and gets people into that holiday spirit. Concerts allow our members to get exposed to a performance environment. With a popular concert like this upcoming one, it gives us more experience with crowds and an audience because it’s a more fun, interactive type of concert,” saxophonist junior Brandon Bui said. “The band is continually growing better and better year by year and I feel that the audience is going to be really pleased this year.”

Written by Sarah Aie, Staff writer
Photo by Jamie Chen