Band changes field shows

Blue Thunder Marching Band is preparing for its performances at competitions, Walnut Family Festival and Disneyland by practicing its new music and choreography every Tuesday. This year’s field shows will feature the theme “How to Train Your Dragon.”

“This theme is really exciting and thrilling compared to past shows,” sophomore Lauren Wonn said. “The music really complements the drill, and the fact that each movement contrasts with the other adds new dimensions to our show. I think a lot of people in band really like the music, so they work harder to perfect it and enjoy it.”

The band is playing more advanced music and building a papier-mâché mountain with an emerging dragon for soloists to perform on. In addition, its larger group of 237 total players will allow for a wider range of dynamics on the field.

“We’re improving pretty well, and with the sufficient amount of time, we can definitely do great in our performances,” freshman Lawrence Mao said. “The only issue right now is helping the beginners learn the notes and improving tone and dynamics. But as people improve with their instruments, so will the band’s overall tone and sound quality.”

Last year, band aimed to win third place and qualify for the Southern California Judging Association (SCJA) Grand Championships but received fifth place.

“There’s a really big gap between how we sound right now and how we want to sound by the end of the year,” junior Briseis Yue said. “We want to sound good enough for first place because last year, we were so close yet so far away from our goal. So we’re working especially hard so we can actually get there this year.”

Band members hope to make a comeback with their field show, “Night Fury.” One particular song titled “Dragon Battle” reflects this mindset.
“I think that with all the changes we’ve made this year and every hard practice we push through despite disappointing obstacles that cross our path, we will enter this ‘battle’ fighting strong and hoping to come out on top,” junior Natalie Luck said. “The idea of the dragon gives us this sense of something powerful and strong, like something mystical is stirring in us and we all have this potential cooped up, ready to be unleashed.”

By Jo Ann Sun, Staff writer

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