Band to host Spring Concert

Concert Band, Drumline and Wind Ensemble will hold their Spring Concert Thursday, April 6 in the Performing Arts Center.   

The groups have practiced many of the songs, including “Rush,” “Divergence” and “Kentucky-1800” for over two months. The ensembles have also had after-school practices until 6 p.m. throughout this week.

“As a band, we worked really hard to prepare excellent pieces that will excite the crowd and make them levitate off their seats,” wind ensemble trumpeter junior Eric Rodriguez said. “The pieces that we will be playing are interesting, elegant and exciting songs that have been practiced for hours and hours which [will] show how awesome our performance will be.”

Many of the songs they will be playing have been previously prepared for Southern California State Band and Orchestra Festival and will be used to showcase the work the bands have put into competition throughout the semester. For Blue Thunder Marching Band seniors, this will be their final concert.

“It feels really good knowing I left a legacy here, not just through music but through passion for music,” wind ensemble trumpeter senior Daniel Archer said. “It’s kind of unreal to me because high school went by so fast. Going to my last concert, !I’m feeling sad but happy at the same time.”

Written by Isaac Le, Staff writer
Photo by Samuel Compolongo