Beyond the classroom, within the band room

Band may seem like just another period for most people. But for these musicians, their music and friendships follow them beyond the classroom.

Angela Ramones, 10 (pink)

What inspired you to play?

“My grandpa used to be in a band and he played alto saxophone. I started playing it and from there, it was like ‘oh this is actually really fun for me and not just because I was inspired by someone else to play.’ That’s why I kept doing it for so long. I started playing when I was in 5th grade and ever since then, it has been one of my hobbies and I think it’s really fun and a way for me to de-stress myself.”

Hannah San Gabriel, 11

Why did you choose your instrument?

“I play tenor saxophone. [I started playing] a long time ago. I felt like they needed more girls for the saxophone so I did it.”

Is there any advice you would give to girls thinking about playing the saxophone?

“I think if you really want to do it, you should just try it because it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Nate Kondo, 10

When did you start playing your instrument?

“I’ve been playing [trumpet] for years, and I just stuck with it. [I started] in 5th grade. I remember the teacher said the trumpet was the easiest instrument to play so I chose that.”

What are your thoughts on the trumpet now?

“It’s not the easiest instrument.”

Evan Miranda, 10

What music do you enjoy playing?

“I like playing jazz because I’m in the jazz band. Jazz band has a different feel to it, you feel closer kind of because it’s a smaller group. I’m in marching band, wind ensemble and jazz band. I prefer jazz band over all three of thosethe music is more fun to play.”

Lina Hua, 9

What do you enjoy most about band?

“[I like band] because it’s fun, and there’s a lot of people in there. I joined band with my friends and we are still close right now. It gives you a lot of time to be able to talk with them and it gives you a lot of time to bond with them too. In the summer we had a trumpet party.”

Compiled by Sabrina Wan, Staff writer 
Photos by Austin Lam