Chamber Choir in Seattle Heritage Festival

Chamber Singers won the third overall, as well as the Spirit of Seattle award at the Seattle Heritage Festival Saturday, April 8, at Auburn Mountainview High School.

In preparation for the competition, Chamber Singers has also been practicing after school every Monday. The ensemble worked on its breathing, enunciation and balancing sounds.

“Every day, we worked on things [like tone and breathing] that made the song perfect because [once] you know a song, you start finding the little errors that can cause you to lose points,” junior Roderick Utz said. “Fixing [those mistakes] helped us get a higher score. When you put dedication to the songs [you perform], it shows that you care, and you want to do your best.”

The choir performed songs such as “Esto Les Digo,” “Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit” and “Daemon Irrepit Calidus,” as well as jazz pieces such as “Orange Color Sky,” “Beneath the Beautiful” and “Turn on the Radio.”

“My favorite song is “Daemon Irrepit Calidus” because I [like] fast songs,” junior Eugene Lo said. “The song had a condemning tone so to reflect that, our dynamics were really piercing with a mix of harsh loud and peaceful soft [vocals]. There’s so many different things going on at one time, and it seems like it’s chaotic, but when you do it just right it all comes together.”

The choir was judged by three judges, each hailing from different college choir programs. The group was judged on dynamics, diction, tone and expression. They also listened to two other high schools perform and competed against four other choirs.

“[Going to Seattle] was a really good experience. Seeing other groups really inspired us,” Lo said. “As a whole, seeing the other groups motivated us, captivated us and showed us what a good choir was, as well as what we had to do to get there.”

After its performance, Chamber Choir toured Seattle and visited the Seattle Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture and Snoqualmie Falls.

“We got to do whatever we wanted and know each other outside of the academic scenario,” senior Victoria Marcoe said. “It actually helps our sound too when we all know each other, we start to blend better and we start knowing what to do next. [Choir] just feels better when we’re singing together.”

Written by Isaac Le, Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Sky Kang

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