Chamber Choir performs at Christmas tree lighting ceremony

Chamber singers performed at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Fire Station 61 Sunday, Dec. 4.

The ensemble sang Christmas-themed songs, including “This Christmas” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Unlike previous performances, all the songs were sung a cappella, giving the choir an opportunity to showcase creative arrangements without an instrumental accompaniment.

“A cappella was more fun because you don’t need to worry about the track. You can just sing. When you sing a cappella, you can hear every single part and that makes us feel like more of a unit,” senior Stephanie Gutierrez said. “The songs just made everyone feel a lot more close, and I think it definitely gave some Christmas spirit to the neighborhood.”

In addition, this performance required the singers to stand outside while singing, and anyone was invited to join and listen.

“There were tons of families there, the air was cool, kids and dogs wore Christmas outfits like antlers, and everyone was together anticipating the annual lighting. It was a really cool and heartwarming thing to see. The tree lighting up made everyone kind of happy, and everyone got more into the holiday feel,” senior Victoria Marcoe said.

The tree lighting ceremony is an annual event, and Chamber has kept the tradition of performing for the city for over 25 years.

“I think keeping the tradition with the city and staying connected to the community is really special,” senior Adrienne Caparaz said. “Not everyone is able to see us during concerts, and [in] this way, we are able to share our music with more people.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer 
Photo courtesy of Sky Kang