Chamber members to perform at Fall Quartet Festival

Chamber Choir members junior Iraj Shoushtari and seniors Nellie Kwang, Alisha Chen and Christian Vidauri will perform at the 24th Annual Fall Choral Festival Concert for Quartets  Saturday, Oct. 1 at California State University, Fullerton.

Four students chosen from each high school in nearby districts will also participate in this day-long event.  

“[The Choir Festival] is something to do to take a break from the songs from Chamber. We all volunteered to have fun,” Vidauri said. “It is a way to meet new people and a way to expand [our] knowledge on not only music choice but also colleges as well.

Throughout the festival, students have the opportunity to interact and learn from other choirs in a five-hour music session before the performance. College-level master classes will also be available for the students.

“I’d like to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be a good musician. In choir, we usually have at least a few weeks to learn a piece before we have to perform it, so hopefully, this experience will help me learn music faster,” Kwang said. “I feel like the festival is a good opportunity for me to grow more comfortable with singing my own part without anyone else’s voice to carry me.”

In the course of the five hour session, students are expected to sight-read and learn each music piece that they will perform at the end of the day.

“It is always good to go to these events to [advance] in music and choir, [as] they will teach new techniques for singing,” Shoushtari said.

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez 

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