Chamber Singers attends choral workshop at USC

Chamber Singers attended a choral workshop Saturday, Oct. 15 in the Newman Recital Hall at the University of Southern California (USC).

Juniors Mingson Lo, Iraj Shoushtari and Jason Wei and seniors Adrienne Caparaz, Alisha Chen, Sky Kang, Nellie Kwang, Raji Rajkumar and Misa Smanpongse attended the workshop. The members spent their day learning choir leadership skills and vocal techniques.

“[At] the workshop we worked on some classical pieces and a specialist helped us perfect the little details that really bring out a proper sound,” Shoushtari said. “It’s different singing with so many people but when all the different voices come together it makes a beautiful blend.”

The members were first performed to by USC’s Concert Choir, who performed five classical pieces. They then attended a rehearsal with Dr. Lynne Gackle, the leader of the workshop. Under her guidance, the members practiced their vowel pronunciations and dynamics. They also had a second rehearsal in which they practiced singing with their voice parts.

“I felt proud of what I was able to accomplish,” Chen said. “My favorite part of the experience was probably getting to work with many different talented choir directors, as they all had their own unique ways of teaching the pieces of music.”

The singers learned the four songs before the workshop using CDs and performed their songs for their choir directors and parents. They also spent the two rehearsal polishing “Quoniam,” “Ave Maria,” “Flight Song” and “Let Everything That Hath Breath.”

“It was amazing because the conglomeration of all these people singing created such a large and powerful voice that reverberated around the whole room. It’s a sound that you rarely hear,” Kang said. “My favorite part would probably have to be when we sang the words ‘Sancta Maria’ in the song ‘Ave Maria’. At that moment the whole room was unified in song. You could feel the intensity of the voices around you and it was incredible.”


By Nicole Chiang, staff writer

Photo courtesy of Lisa Lopez

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