Chamber Singers perform in Heritage Festival

Chamber Choir will be participating in the Heritage Festival in San Diego from April 10 to 12. It will be ranked either silver, superior or gold and will have the opportunity to attend the Heritage Gold Festival next year if the choir scores high enough.

“We are thrilled to be offered this wonderful experience,” junior Joshua Peig said. “After seeing how close everyone got last year and treating each other like family, Mrs. Lopez wanted to have the same bond [this year] and wanted us to enjoy what we like to do best, which is to sing and perform.”

Chamber singers went to Arizona for a clinic last year, where the judges critiqued them but did not give them a rating as they will at this festival.

“I think as a group we are prepared for this and even if we weren’t being ranked we would still give our very best,” senior Anthony Culpepper said. “Also, going on spring break is sort of a benefit because we don’t have to worry about any classes that we’re missing and it gives us a chance to really bond as a group.”

They will be performing “Tell My Ma,” an Irish Folk song, “Dahil Sa Iyo,” a Filipino love song, “Ride the Chariot,” a spiritual song and “Salmo 150,” a Renaissance spiritual song. All of these songs have been performed before at the Mt. San Antonio College festival earlier this month.

“We’ve already had a few performances so I think our group already knows how we work together, but the [Mt. San Antonio College] festival was the first time we got to hear other high schools perform. So I guess we kind of picked up some bits and pieces from each of the different choirs at the festival and incorporated it into our songs to improve ourselves,” sophomore Nellie Kwang said.

By Olivia Chiang, Staff writer

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