Chamber Singers perform the national anthem at the Homecoming game

Chamber Singers performed the national anthem before the Homecoming game Friday, Oct. 4 at Ken Gunn Stadium.

“I felt really proud to be performing,” junior Mia Carrillo said. “Being in Chamber Singers shows that you worked really hard to get there. We were there singing the national anthem in front of so many people.”

The choir started rehearsals over the summer in preparation for the national anthem performance. The singers also sang the national anthem at Back to School Night to help them prepare for the performance. 

“Singing the national anthem was really cool because it allows me to be able to sing in front of a lot of people,” senior Dylan Mark said. “It was really fulfilling to be able to sing the national anthem in front of the school with people that I’ve been singing with for a while now.”

In preparation for the performance, Chamber Singers focused on vowel and end phrases. They also sang through the national anthem multiple times and practiced breathing exercises.

“[The performance was] definitely a good way to gain experience working with each other because we haven’t performed together that much so far,” Carillo said. “It was a great feeling.”

By Sajjan Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Mia Nam