Chamber Singers performs at Carnegie Hall

Chamber Singers performed as a mass choir for their tour to Carnegie Hall in New York on April 4 – 8.

Chamber Singers performed at the Heritage Festival in Seattle last year to earn an invitation to sing at Carnegie Hall. After Chamber Singers received a gold award based on their performance, WorldStrides, a travel organization that provides performing arts students with opportunities to go on tours and festivals, invited them to sing.

“It was very surreal for most of us because not many people get the opportunity to sing on a stage like Carnegie Hall. We were all very honored,” senior Erin Lopez said. “I was so excited [when I found out] because I’ve never been to New York, and it’s always exciting going somewhere new for the first time.”

In the mass choir, there were approximately 300 choir singers from various places, such as Alabama, Canada, Florida, Georgia and Washington. They sang six classical pieces, including “Hallelujah Amen,” “Cantate Domino (Kanta Jaunari Kantu Berria),” “Sure On This Shining Night,” “Vox Populi,” “I Dream A World” and “Domaredansen.”

“My favorite [song] was ‘Domaredansen’ because it was the most fast-paced. It gave us a chance to sing at our loudest [voices] and had some simple yet interesting rhythms,” senior Dylan Campos said. “The excitement is natural, and the song is about friends joining in dance and having a party, so that is where the happiness comes from.”

Every year, Chamber Singers travel to different places in the United States and perform in front of a wide audience. This trip provided opportunities for the choir to sightsee and explore attractions in New York, such as the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 memorials, Central Park and the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center.               

“Visiting new places is always a thrill because you don’t exactly know what to expect, but in this case, going to these places wasn’t just normal sightseeing because I was with my closest friends,” senior Mingson Lo said. “From [the tour], we definitely get a new vibe and sense of familiarity that lets us push forward and really have a bond [with each other].”

By Raymond Dunn, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Erin Lopez