Chamber Singers performs at its first festival

Chamber Singers performed at its first field trip festival of the year Wednesday, Nov. 6 at the Fullerton College Wilshire Auditorium. 

The choir showcased a three-song set comprised of classical pieces, including “Gaudete” by Mark Burrows, “Exultate Deo” by Alessandro Scarlatti and “Veniki” by Feodoisy Rubtsov. Clinicians judged and scored the singers’ overall phrasing, stylistic choices and dynamics, and are expected to receive the results by Friday, Nov. 8. Other schools including La Quinta High School and El Dorado High School also performed at the event. 

“Hearing other choirs, we listened to their sound and found some takeaways [that are] everything a good choir should have. Before this [experience], I had some knowledge of technique, but from seeing other choirs, I learned some aspects of showmanship as well,” senior Pauline Crelencia said. “Besides the technicalities, there were lots of kids who are passionate about choir and music in general.”

Schools were each allotted 10 minutes to warm up before the performance. During this time, the Chamber Singers worked to achieve a better dynamic and a larger stage presence. 

“In total, we could work more on emotion and try to blend more with each other,” senior Sam Hanks said. “Sometimes, we hold back but when we actually just give it our all — when we just focus on the music instead of [having] our mind in other places, that’s when the best stuff comes out and when we make the best sound.” 

The festival also provided a bonding experience for members, which helped the team grow altogether. 

“It’s only a couple minutes that we get on stage, but everything leading up to that is great; just being with your choir and having fun on stage and off stage,” Hanks said. “Even though it’s just a little performance, we grew together as a choir. We get closer and closer every time and I know we get better — little performances where we work together helps us grow musically and socially.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Lisa Lopez