Chamber Singers to perform at the 26th Annual High School Chamber Singers Festival

Chamber Singers will perform at its annual Mount San Antonio College’s 26th Annual High School Chamber Singers Festival Wednesday, March 18. 

At the festival, Chamber Singers will showcase “Muie Rendêra” by Carlos Alberto Pinto Fonseca, “Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal” arranged by Alice Parker, “Hold Me, Rock Me” by Brian Tate and “Daemon Irrepit Callidus” by Gyorgy Orban. Judges will score the choir based on accuracy, tone, diction, rhythm, phrasing and interpretation and general effect.

“I’m feeling pretty good about the upcoming festival as we’ve rehearsed our festival songs for a while now, and I feel confident about them,” equipment manager senior Gordon Cai said. “I’m most excited to see the other choirs sing because I like to listen to the different pieces they sing, and the choirs that attend this festival are usually very good.” 

The choir has been practicing these songs since the beginning of February, and the festival will be the last time Chamber Singers performs its classical set. Each member is required to practice at home so that class time can be used to improve the group as a whole. 

“I definitely feel that we have practiced these songs and have improved so much from where we’ve started,” vice president of publicity senior Mia Dimalanta said. “I really like the classical set Mrs. Lopez has chosen for us because it shows what Chamber [Singers] is capable of doing.”

The choir will have the opportunity to observe choirs from other schools and receive criticism from a clinician. The clinic will allow Chamber Singers to further improve upon its songs and technique. 

“I’m excited to see other schools perform. Each school has its own quality and aspect it’s good at, and seeing other schools help us improve on our own music and how we perform,” senior Amber Lee said. 

Chamber Singers has also been preparing for its A capella Festival on Thursday, April 2 and its part in the Spring Pops concert on Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May 16.


By Nicole Chiang, Staff writer
Photo by Annika Le