Cheer places first at Lakewood High School

Cheer won first place at its first competition Saturday, Nov.14 at Lakewood High School.

“[The competition’s purpose was] to compete at a lower scale, so we didn’t feel the pressure of needing to win to qualify for higher competitions at our first one. It’s okay if we mess up because we’re only getting our feet wet, and we have time to fix everything,” senior Ashlee Horton said.

Cheer was judged in four categories: appearance, overall impression, execution and choreography. The team received a perfect score in appearance and a close to perfect score in overall impression and choreography. However, it scored lower in the execution category because its pyramid fell and  struggled to reassemble. This brought Cheer’s overall score to 83.5 points out of 100 points.

“You feel a rush when you compete with your teammates because you’re just going out there to have fun. It doesn’t matter if stuff doesn’t hit because you’re just there to put on a happy face,” freshman Jaslynn Lugo said.

Cheer practiced the routine twice a week and put in an extra three-hour practice the day before the competition. The routine, including songs by Fetty Wap and Jhene Aiko, was put together by the team and a professional choreographer in August.

“I really like this year’s routine, I can just tell it is more professional and intense. I felt confident, I know we practiced really hard and our stunts are sold. I was a bit nervous because it was our first time performing it full out with all our energy and adrenaline rushing,” co-captain senior Winnie Chen.

Cheer received feedback from the judges on details such as pointing its toes and smiling throughout the routine and uses those tips to perfect their routine for United Spirit Association Spirit Nationals.

“It’s just to get our nerves out so we’re not as nervous at other competitions. The team’s goals are just to do [our] best at the next competition and to learn from our mistakes so that we’ll be ready by nationals,” sophomore Nikki Frossine said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal