Performing with heart

Choir hosts Cabaret Night on Oct. 8

All choirs performed for parents, alumni and current students alike at Cabaret Night on Friday, Oct. 8 in the multi-purpose room. 

After 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cabaret Night is the first performance choir has had. All levels of choir, Chamber Singers, Men’s Ensemble, Mustang Singers, Rhapsody in Blue and Treble Choir participated in the event. Tickets, which were $10 each, were sold out prior to the performance. 

“It was a cool feeling — the adrenaline of singing on stage with your group — and it feels rewarding to produce music that we’ve spent a lot of time on,” Men’s Ensemble president senior Russel Benedict said. 

This night of music consisted of several songs and solos, as well as small skits from emcees Chamber Singers president senior Katilin Chheng, senior Kelly Dai, senior Danica Mae Bigornia and junior Samuel Chou. Soloists had to audition for a spot in the show, and were allowed to sing a song of their choice.

“For my solo, I chose the song [“Never Enough”] because I think it sounds so magical and full of hope and dreams and it’s something a lot of people need after this quarantine we had to go through,” Chamber Singer junior Tabetha Mora said. “We sang and projected our voices nicely even with masks and I feel like all our hard work and preparation really paid off.”

Chamber Singers ended off with the song “Cabaret,” alluding to the theme of the night.

“Cabaret Night felt bittersweet, as I was both nervous and eager to perform at the same time,” Benedict said. “I think we did well, but there are always ways to grow and improve both collectively and individually.”

Remy Wong, Sports editor
Photo by Mia Nam