Choir hosts Winter Concert

Mustang Singers, Treble Choir, Rhapsody in Blue, Men’s Ensemble and Chamber Singers performed at their annual Winter Choir Concert Thursday, Dec. 8 and Friday, Dec. 9 in the Performing Arts Center.

The choirs first sang classical pieces, such as “Cantante Domino,” “Belo Que Bonito” and “Sing Dem Hern” during Act 1 to emphasize their musicality and aptitude at learning foreign languages. Classical vocal techniques also improve diction, vocals and blend of voices. They then performed to more well-known Christmas songs such as “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and “Jingle Bell Rock,” placing more emphasis on Christmas spirit and joy.

“There was a lot of anxiety about not messing up, but I kept telling myself to keep smiling, have the right facial expressions, stay on my toes and don’t get too nervous,” Treble sophomore Danae Lee said. “ I think we did pretty well. I was proud of how we worked together as a choir and  I hope the audience was able to get into the christmas spirit and realize that we really are a special program.”

Five singers were featured during the concert. Rhapsody in Blue senior Mariah Quintero sang a solo, “Merry Christmas Baby.” There were also two duets, one from Chamber seniors Christian Fontejon and Janavie Maramba, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and another sung by Chamber senior Adrienne Caparaz and junior Eugene Lo, “Let it Snow/White Christmas.”

“Performing “Merry Christmas Baby” was a dream come true. Because I’ve been wanting to sing this song that I had grown up with, it was personally satisfying not only due to the fact that I could utilize more stage performance but because I got to develop my artistry and take it one step further too,” Rhapsody in Blue senior Quintero said.

Near the end of the concert, the choirs performed “Peace Peace/Silent Night,” the only song sung by all of the choirs collectively. Treble Choir, Mustang Singers and Rhapsody non-seniors held candles to contribute to the tranquil atmosphere. After, Chamber Singers, as an annual tradition, ended the concert with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

“The coolest thing about singing ‘Silent Night’ is hearing 180 voices in unison singing a beautiful song,” Men’s Ensemble junior Dylan Campos said. “Also, our audience is always full of people and to have them show you how good you did, having at least a hundred people clapping and cheering for you feels great.”

Written by Nicole Chiang, Staff writer
Photo by Samuel Compolongo