Choir performs at Cabaret Night

All choirs performed in their first concert of the school year, Cabaret Night, on Friday, Sept. 21 and Saturday, Sept. 22 in the Multipurpose Room.

Cabaret Night introduced the new members of choir to performances and gave parents a preview to future concerts. This concert showcased songs that choir has worked on since the summer, ranging from pop to jazz. In addition, all proceeds earned from this event will go toward the choir program for future events in the school year.

“[My favorite part of Cabaret Night was] the excitement before you go on the risers, [seeing] everybody’s face and [their reaction] to your singing. The first night, we were nervous. The second night, I feel like we were more confident to perform in front of the audience, and everything went well,” Mustang Singers freshman Isabel Castillo said. “[We wanted to] just have a fun night for families and friends to see. By everybody getting along and singing good songs, we were more [able to] interact with each other.”

Chamber Singers performed an a capella version of the Disney pop song “Under the Sea” by Samuel E. Wright as well as the jazz song “Whatever Lola Wants” by Sara Vaughan. Following the Chamber Singers, Men’s Ensemble performed “You’re Sixteen” by Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman and “Hey There Delilah” by Tom Higgenson.

“[It feels] exhilarating when performing. You just get so much energy, [and] you get really excited,” Men’s Ensemble junior Dylan Mark said. “You work so hard to prepare [and] to make it sound well that it’s very satisfying to be able to sing it to everyone and to see everyone’s reactions to the way it sounds.”

After the first act, Rhapsody in Blue sang the jazz song, “Second Hand Rose” by Barbra Streisand and the country song, “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

“I like Second Hand Rose because it’s slow in the beginning, and then it’s more lively at the end. I feel like that’s just fun, and we also are dancing to that, so that makes it more fun. [The song is] about a girl who only gets second-hand things, [so] you have to get into the mindset of the person in the story [in order to] really demonstrate what the song is about,” Rhapsody in Blue junior Kathleen Ma said.

To prepare for this concert, choir rehearsed their songs in class since the beginning of the school year. Rhapsody in Blue and Chamber Singers started their rehearsals from as early as summer, focusing on their choreography. In addition to practicing the songs frequently, choir has been learning music theory in order to supplement its singing.

“[Music theory is] to help with memorization, and the study of music theory would help build our confidence. Using music theory to know which parts that we have to hit will make us sound much more better,” Men’s Ensemble senior Paulo Bonilla said.

Instead of dressing in formal tuxedos and dresses, the choirs wore their choir shirts and jeans. In addition, they served food, such as muffins and cookies, to the audience during intermission.

“[Cabaret Night is] different [from other concerts] because we’re not in the [Performing Arts Center], we’re in the [Multipurpose Room]. So it’s more of a casual event, and it’s our first event of the year, so it sets up our next performances in the future,” Chamber Singers junior Mia Diamalanta said. “[It’s] supposed to be a fun night for choir students and the audience alike, so, if we can accomplish that, and our audience goes home feeling like they enjoyed the choir, [then we’ve accomplished] our goal.”

By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor
Photo by Rawan Hassabelrasoul

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