Choir performs at Disneyland

All choirs participated in the Disney Community Arts Showcase Thursday, Nov. 17, Monday, Nov. 21 and Tuesday, Nov. 22 at Disneyland Resort.

The choirs sang for an audience of Disneyland guests as well as a panel of judges who determine which choirs will be invited back the following year.

“My expectations for our performance at Disney is to just hopefully do well and to persuade the audience into staying along to listen and [having] fun with us. Disney performing is a little different from our normal concerts because usually we have risers. This performance will test our ability to adapt to new things,” Chamber junior Mingson Lo said.

The choirs performed a diverse show, singing festival songs such as “Gatatumba,” Christmas-themed music and a cappella tunes.

“Singing those songs at Disneyland made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself. Watching people hear us and then stay was my favorite part. It made me more confident and more comfortable,” Men’s Ensemble sophomore David Liu said.

After showcasing all of their songs, the students spent the rest of the day exploring the park.

“The experience was a little nerve-wracking at first, but in general, it was a lot of fun. Being with your friends and being able to bond together in the park was really enjoyable,” Treble freshman Evelyn Wu said. “We also gained some experience about performing in the future, and we’ll definitely be able to give an even stronger performance next time.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Sky Kang