Choir performs Winter Choral Concert

Choir performed at its annual Winter Choral Concert Thursday and Friday, Dec. 10-11.

The week before the concert, all five choirs had after-school rehearsals for about three hours every day.

“[I like] seeing all the hard work we’ve been putting in since the beginning of the year finally come together. It can be tiring, but at the same time, it’s cool to see all the choirs [perform],” Treble Choir singer senior Denise Hernandez said.  

Furthermore, this year’s choreography was more complicated compared to previous years’ because it was made by the Rhapsody choreographer instead of their usual choreographer.

“It’s actually the first time I danced in front of people like that. At first I was so scared, but then it actually went pretty [well],” Mustang Singer freshman Justine Russiana said. “Once you get on stage, you just let go of everything, and the fear just goes away.”

The choirs sang different genres of songs, ranging from classical to Christmas music. The next event is the Prelude to Spring Concert in February, focusing mainly on pop music.

“Every time you perform, you have something new to show and for people to see,” Ramirez said. “So it never becomes easy because you always have to learn something new.”

By Angela Cao, Staff writer

Photo by Brandon Win