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Choir showcases Spring Pops concert

Choir performed its last concerts of the year at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 at the Performing Arts Center.

The concert, “Spring Pops,” featured Broadway-themed songs chosen by Mrs. Lopez. Three main soloists of the concert included freshman Sammi Su who sang “Think Of Me,” senior Sabrina Benedicto for “Don’t Rain On My Parade” and senior Angie Jodjana for “The Girl in 14G.”

“I was actually pretty nervous before going on to sing this solo in particular because for one thing it’s a big song to sing. The other is I had a lot of people whom I had invited coming to watch who have also never seen me perform in my shows before, so my nerves were really high for the fact that I wanted to really impress them,” Benedicto said.

As for the choir groups, each individual choir had a specific choreographer who created the appropriate dance for the song. The movements allowed the choir members to memorize the song and the audience to paint a better picture of the song.

“I enjoyed some of [the choreography] because it brought out the quirky side in people. The dances we did were a tad bit sassier than what we did in the winter concert. We had a new choreographer and she [used the movement of the entire body for dance moves] while our choreographer from the previous concerts only used hands, so it was a transition. [The choreography] was challenging at first but as we practiced it became second nature,” freshman Emily Ng said.

A few technical issues occurred during the concert on Friday but they were later fixed and the concert continued without any major problems.

“All of the choirs kept moving on no matter what happened. The audience was really supportive and cooperative when we waited on the stage. No one panicked and all of the performers stayed calm and we did our best,” Su said.

“I don’t think the technical issues really affected our performances because we all just did the best we could to give a great show. [The concert] was a fun and memorable experience because we got to perform together as a choir and demonstrate what we’ve been practicing for months to our friends and family,” sophomore Cindy Zhang said.

By Airi Gonzalez, Staff writer

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