Choir to host Pancake Breakfast

Choir will be performing at the Pancake Breakfast in the Multipurpose Room on Saturday, Oct. 29.

Musical numbers will consist of various solos and ensemble pieces ranging from pop to classical, as well as some Latin selections.

“There’s a lot less tension and pressure because it doesn’t seem as sophisticated. During some of our other concerts we have choreography, so we’re multitasking during those performances,” Treble sophomore Akira Romyanond said. “I feel like [the audience is] there to see what the choir is and what we stand for rather than how good we are.”

Rhapsody in Blue and Chamber Singers hold weekly after school rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., respectively. Other choirs have been reviewing their music and rehearsing during class.

“The challenge for the songs is having the right pronunciation for the classical piece and having a lot of character for the pop song. We’ve been getting a lot better at learning our parts and coming in at the right times,” Rhapsody junior Kaitlin Shao said. “So far everything sounds great and will only get better.”

The Pancake Breakfast will not only help fund for future choir events, but also publicize choir and showcase singers’ talents.

“I’m hoping we can just have fun and loosen up. I personally see these kinds of things and events as a time to hang out and bond with the other guys,” Men’s Ensemble junior Rick San Miguel said. “Hopefully, we get to tag the little ones like the freshmen or even other classes along to watch us and see how fun it is, and hopefully they can get influenced to join.”

By Erica Chang, Staff writer
Photo By Jamie Chen