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Choir to host Winter Concert

All choirs will perform in the annual Winter Concert on Thursday, Dec. 14 and Friday, Dec. 15 in the Performing Arts Center.

For the first major choir concert of the school year, Chamber Singers, Rhapsody in Blue, Men’s Ensemble and Treble Choir will sing classical, pop and Christmas-themed music while Mustang Singers will sing religious and Christmas songs.

“I’m excited for the concert because it’s like a bonding [experience] with other men in the choir,” Men’s Ensemble sophomore Vinnson Ma said. “[The hardest part is] thinking of how many people will be watching and trying not to be nervous.”

Chamber Singers, Rhapsody in Blue, Men’s Ensemble, Treble Choir and Mustang Singers will all sing classical pieces in a foreign language. During the show, all choirs will invite the audience to sing “Silent Night” together.

“Learning the lyrics to the song with different languages is hard to remember,” Treble Choir junior Angelina Arteaga said. “This concert is special because it’s all about Christmas, so it’s my favorite one. I’ll enjoy the singing and dancing because it’s a chance to show the audience what we can do. It’s the part where we get to show a lot of facials and smile a lot and just let go.”

In preparation for the concert, each choir has been rehearsing four days a week. All choirs will have rehearsals every day after school during the week of the concert. They work on diction, breathing, blending their voices and using their head and chest voices. Some of their warm ups involve singing words ranging from high to low while maintaining the correct pitch.

“I think it will [be] a fun and joyful atmosphere because the people watching get to relax and enjoy our music. I think our choirs are ready, we just need to dust off some songs and practice a little bit more. We sound like we’re a polished choir,” Chamber Singers junior Bryson Huang said.

This year, Rhapsody in Blue has two smaller ensembles that will both perform a Christmas song they auditioned for as opposed to last year’s concert, where there were solos, duets and only one smaller ensemble.

“The feeling of coming together is very prominent,” Rhapsody in Blue junior Sarah Gomes said. “I’m just looking forward to performing with a new group because a lot of the girls in our choir are new. I’m excited because this is our first concert together. It’s the one that brings us together. We do a lot of our first Rhapsody traditions [at the concert,] so it’s the first time a lot of the people in our group will really get to know our choir even more.”

By Ethan Cheng, Staff writer
Photo by Sherlene Su