Choir to perform in Spring concert

All choirs will perform in their annual Prelude to Spring concert Thursday, Feb. 9 and Friday, Feb. 10 in the Performing Arts Center.

Preparation for this performance began in January. During regular practice, the choirs follow various exercises, including singing in small groups to improve sound and drills that improve facial expression. Extra technical and dress rehearsals will also be scheduled after school during the week of the concert.

“Compared to the beginning of the year, Mustang Singers have improved greatly because of the practice that is put into working on the songs for concerts. [Practices] really help the bond we have as a choir because Mustang Singers has people from all different grades. Practices and rehearsals [help] wrap everything up into one great performance,” Mustang Singer freshman Samantha Lo said.

The choirs will showcase their sound quality through classical songs, such as “Canto del Agua.” However, as the concert progresses, more contemporary pieces will also be sung to adhere to the jazz and festival theme.

“Even though a cappella [and other styles] can sometimes be more difficult to sing, [it] is definitely worth the time and challenge. As a person who is interested in music, the difficulty makes the piece more dynamic and there are more components to play with,” Chamber singer senior Katelyn Rowley said. “It’s a nice mix of styles, [which] makes it more fun because we’re all about to jam out and truly enjoy the music we are singing.”

Suzanne and South Pointe Middle School choirs will be joining the five Walnut High School choirs in the concert. This annual tradition introduces the incoming high schoolers to the Walnut choir program and shows them the ability of more experienced vocal ensembles.

“I’m most excited to see the choirs from both Suzanne and South Pointe Middle School participate in the concert with us,” Men’s Ensemble junior Kevin Cho said. “It especially helps give perspective on how advanced they may be, and what kind of students to expect next year if they choose to join a WHS choir. It’s just a fun feature to the concert that I think everyone will be able to enjoy.”

Prelude to Spring gives choirs the chance to highlight their musical literacy as well as their choreography numbers. Throughout the production, a cappella arrangements by Deke Sharon, who orchestrated Pitch Perfect, will be performed.
“I look forward to [the concert], but honestly, the [rehearsal process] is what I like the best. The performance is almost always imperfect. So, I don’t look at the performances as the reward for slogging away for months. The whole experience is the reward,” choir director Lisa Lopez said. “As the choirs bond, we get better as a group because people are more invested and care about each other. Choir is a place where no one sits on the bench. It’s nice [when] they get to put away [their distractions] and actually interact to create something beautiful together.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer
Photo by Justin Jiang