Color Guard advances to higher division

Color Guard was promoted to Scholastic AAA division, the highest recorded division of the team after placing first in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) Regional A competition on Saturday, Feb. 28 at Arcadia High School. This is the first year in Walnut history that the team took part in WGASC.

Teams that scored significantly higher than the majority in their division were promoted to a higher level.

“It’s really exciting and it promises a lot of great things for our guard in the future because being in the Scholastic AAA division means that we’re only improving and we’ll soon be able to perform in the same shows as WGASC world classes and maybe WGI regionals. Also, Scholastic AAA is two classes above where we were last year, so it’s really exhilarating and inspiring,” senior Danna Chen said.

Previously, the team was in WGASC Regional AA, but after the classification show at Tesoro High School, the team was moved up to WGASC Regional A. The team was able to continue their success with long practices and team bonding which allowed them to move into the Scholastic division.

“I am such an advocate for close bonds and tight friendships within a team. This closeness is so important because, inversely, a team full of individuals despised and enraged by one another is just a recipe for disaster. You can’t get anything done when all everyone wants to do is form cliques and speak lowly of each other. In my past years on the team,  and as an observant leader, I’ve learned that closeness is actually the key to success. I don’t know where we would be as a team if we weren’t so tight knit, but I know for sure it wouldn’t be headed towards a higher division,” junior Philip Sobretodo said.

The team’s first competition in the Scholastic AAA division is going to be held on Saturday, March 21.

By Eric Peng, Staff writer

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