Color guard and marching band host a parent preview

Color Guard and Blue Thunder Marching Band performed at an annual parent preview Tuesday, Aug. 21 at the field.

The theme for the performance this year was “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” featuring a variety of songs from the movie. Both organizations performed full runs of the entire show, allowing parents and alumni to see their progress, and rehearsed their choreography together to make sure that they are synchronized.

“My favorite part was probably seeing all the parents watch us perform and having an audience. It builds up confidence, allowing everyone to see you, and you really get to notice what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix your work,” Color Guard member freshman Alyssa Gonzalez said.

Both organizations have been practicing every Tuesday from 5 to 9 p.m. since the beginning of the school year, working on their coordination and rhythm.

“Since we tried to put our best out there, we could kind of base off of that and change more things to improve our next couple of runs,” trombonist junior Adrian Carrasco said.  “Doing full runs gets you prepared for competition and helps us find little small parts that need to be worked on, so we can perfect it as much as we can.”

By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor

Photo by Erin Tan


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