Color Guard and marching band parade at Disneyland

Color Guard and marching band performed in their annual parade at Disneyland Wednesday, Nov. 29.

The performers marched down Main Street while playing the pop song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

“I was pretty excited. It was really fun because you got to be with your friends, and you got to see the people’s reactions to your marching and performance,” trombonist sophomore Ben Vu said. “I was the most nervous about the audience, and I wanted to keep in time with everyone else, but as I got the hang of things, I just felt less nervous.”

Blue Thunder Marching Band performed to a large crowd for 10 minutes. After the performance, they spent the rest of the day socializing and exploring the park.

“I enjoyed the constant cheering and encouragement from the crowd the most. I think performing in the Disneyland parade every year gives us a chance to really have a good time with each other and to enjoy each other’s company,” saxophonist sophomore Natalie Fung said.

Marching band started rehearsing the song “September” since the beginning of the school year. They practiced on the Monday before the event by playing their song and marching around the track during first period.

“We practice to make sure everyone marches with a glide step. If you don’t use the right technique, it looks like you’re walking, and this would make our band look unprofessional,” trombonist sophomore Adrian Carrasco said. “We enjoy practicing, playing the music and the environment the crowd brings, but after a while, your arms, back, shoulders and feet hurt; [however,] we continue because we are representing Walnut High School.”

By Raymond Dunn, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Walnut Valley School Unified District