Color Guard Competes at Arcadia High School

Varsity and junior varsity Color Guard placed sixth and fifth, respectively, in a competition on Sunday, March 10 at Arcadia High School. Varsity moved up a division to compete in Scholastic AAA and junior varsity competed in high school A.

The theme for each competition varied between the two, with varsity performing “Miss Otis Regrets” with a jazzy and flapper theme, while junior varsity went with a lighthearted and playful theme when they performed to a theme song from “Inside Out”.

“This year we’re doing jazz music as well, so it kind of feels like I’m going back to my freshman year. It’s always good to try new things for me. It gives our guard a lot of opportunities to show character,” varsity captain junior Scarlett Chen said.

To prepare for the event, Color Guard practiced during first period and after school on Tuesdays and Fridays, running through drills in its respective sections to help clean its performance and to improve it’s the choreography for the competition.

“I think it does help us mentally and physically prepare because we have to spend a large portion of time together. It’s like a giant family. When we get to gather and practice, if someone is struggling with something, everybody else helps them and pushes them to be the best they can be,” senior Sara Barrios said.

Because of the rainy weather, varsity Color Guard was given 14 minutes to warm up. In between the junior varsity and varsity performances, Color Guard went to a local shopping center for lunch.

“We went to a shopping center to eat and have our lunch and that helped everyone loosen up because they were all tentative and everyone was scared because it’s all sad outside,” sophomore Samantha Tsou said. “Because we did an [improvisation] exercise before, everyone loosened up and was excited to be what they were doing.”

After reflecting on its performance, Color Guard plans to focus on slight details such as dance positions and work on muscle memory for future competitions.

“It was very fun. It was our first competition so everyone was really nervous, but excited and we did pretty well this Saturday. We’re pretty proud of it. We have some things to improve on, but we’re going to get better,” Barrios said.

By Vivian Lee, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Rawan Hassabelrasoul