Color Guard performs at Branding Iron

Color Guard performed during halftime at the annual Branding Iron game Friday, Aug. 5. 

The theme for its first performance was “Alice in Wonderland,” featuring the song “We’re All Mad Here” from the movie. Despite not having a formation ready, Color Guard still completed its main choreography, which reflected the central theme of chaos and madness.

“Before I got onto the field, I just imagined myself catching all my tosses and doing everything on count,” junior Gwem Juria said. “I was pretty nervous, [and] I messed up on some of the parts. We were there to have fun and try our best. In the end, I still felt pretty good because I made it through.”

In preparation for its performance, Color Guard practiced during band camp a week prior to the start of school, first period and after school from 5-9 p.m. 

“I was really nervous, but I think it turned out pretty well,” senior Josh Almonte said. “One thing that I want to do is make a bond with the other members in Color Guard [because] it would really help us be together as one unit instead of like independent individuals. In the end, we are a team that works together to achieve something that we all value.”

By Jacob Khuu, Manager
Photo by Tristan Gonzalez