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Color Guard performs at first competition

Color Guard competed at its first competition at Monrovia High School on Saturday, March 5. Varsity placed fourth in the Scholastic AAA (SAAA) competition while junior varsity placed fifth in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) High School A competition.

This is the first year Color Guard split into varsity and junior varsity to compete in the WGASC and SAAA competitions.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone to perform because the usual maximum [number of competitors] is 40 in a team. Since we’re such a huge team, the split allowed every single person to have the chance to perform,” varsity freshman Kayla Widjaja said. “Also, having two different shows really helps bring out motivation in each other.”

Four days prior to the competition, junior varsity advanced to the High School A division for their Saturday competition after a promotion through an evaluation show.

“I was definitely happy because not a lot of people were expecting it. I know we did really good during the evaluation show [because] there wasn’t any drops, we all smiled and gave it our all on stage. Knowing that we got up really showed us that we are capable of being at a higher position than we were,” junior varsity sophomore Aaya Ahmed said.

Junior varsity performed to the “Pennies from Heaven” theme song from the 1936 film Pennies from Heaven with props including blue umbrellas, yellow raincoats, and flowers.

“I love [how] the show is super adorable and leaves everyone with a smile. It definitely makes me smile [because] the music is so fun and playful. When performing it, I try my best to radiate and rub off that energy into the judges and everyone in the audience. When you have the whole JV doing that, the energy is overwhelming but in the best way,” Ahmed said.

Varsity performed a golf-themed show using an upbeat, jazzy instrumental music, golf attire and a golf course floor.

“The [golf-themed show] made me more confident because we had such a different show, [and] it kind of gave us an advantage. Ours is really upbeat, happy and fast compared to a lot of the other shows you see. I like how different ours is [and] it makes me feel like we have a better chance at ranking higher,” varsity junior Ashley Acosta said.

Color guard has been practicing for winter guard since December from 5-8 p.m. on Tuesdays for junior varsity and varsity on Tuesdays 3-5 p.m. and Thursdays 5-8 p.m.

“It’s time consuming because you basically dedicate your after school hours to come to practice and only focus on Color Guard,” Widjaja said. “So you would have to finish homework before hand or else you are stuck to staying up late doing it. But more practices help me to learn new techniques and spend quality time with the team.”

Color guard will be competing at their next competition on Saturday, March 19 at Valencia High School.

“I’m looking forward to perfecting the show because we’re still getting there. First competition was a warning that we still have a lot more to go for and a lot more places to go,” Ahmed said. “I feel like that we should just get better at what we’re doing. [We should] keep the energy there, smile throughout the show, and show people that we’re capable of being the guard everyone wants.”

By Amber Chen, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Yong