Dance and Cheer Place at Nationals

Both dance and cheer competed in Nationals held at Anaheim Convention Center on March 20-21.  Dance team placed first and cheer placed second overall in the competition hosted by the United Spirit Association.

Dance’s Extra Small ranked first in the open division with Kick, Large Dance, Large Lyrical and Small Dance Groups competing in the championship divisions.

“I definitely felt really proud of our team. I actually started crying right after I walked off and all of our hard work actually paid off,” freshman Emily Lin said.

The pressure mounted at Nationals, yet with pre-performance pep talks and singing, dance team managed to achieve first place overall.

“Compared to other teams, I believe we had the most real emotion since we were literally and truly crying and dancing our hearts our on stage. I was proud of our amazing performance,” sophomore Caroline Peh said.

Cheer received a score of 88, right behind their competitor, Northview High School. Although it was their first time competing, they were behind Northview by a third of a point.

“Our first reaction was a bit disappointed because we wanted first more than anything. After that, it was happiness that we made it that far and achieved so much for it being our time there,” cheer captain senior Valeria Alvarez said.

Criteria for cheer included jumps, stunts and dances. Cheer rehearsed for two and half hours each day, in addition to practicing their choreography during performances at basketball and football games.

“I think our stunts were really good. Our routine was a bit more difficult than our previous routines, but we were able to keep up with it. I think our confidence in performing has also  improved a lot due to how much time we’ve spent working and perfecting the routine,” Alvarez said.

Performing in a packed arena, the level of intensity and performance was much higher than those of regular competitions, which created an intimidating atmosphere.

“It was more intense, and pretty intimidating. Still, it was such an exhilarating experience and a great accomplishment to become a nationally ranked team,” sophomore Corrie Diaz said.

By Vivian Lee, Staff writer

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