1 Junior Sarah Chang

Dance attends West Coast Elite competition

Dance Ensemble placed third overall in its first West Coast Elite competition of the season Saturday, Jan.11 at Mark Keppel High School.

Competing against other high schools — including Chino Hills, El Dorado and Rancho Bernardo — Dance Team finished first in its kick and prop routines and third in its large lyrical, large jazz, small contemporary and small lyrical routines.

“All of [the teams] look up to each other, but it’s hard not to get intimidated by them. They’re really nice to us, so it’s that humility that continues to inspire us,” President senior Chamine Tran said. “Even if we get better and unexpectedly do really well, we still try to be humble.”

In addition, Dance Team was recognized with the Audience Choice Award for its kick routine, which featured a bellhop theme. In preparation for this routine, the team rehearsed the drill during every daily practice since August. 

“Because everyone’s in that kick dance, we all needed to work hard, cooperate and communicate really well,” junior Sarah Chang said. “Communication is key and the foundation of everything. Together, we needed to be really consistent, stay motivated [and] not to settle for too little or for a long period of time.”

Dance Team will focus on its synchronization for its next competition on Saturday, Jan. 18 at Rancho Bernardo High School.

“We try to not give up because a lot of the time, it’s hard not to feel down when you’re going against such good schools,” Tran said. “In the end, we’re there to show the judges what we’ve got, and it has nothing to do with other schools. It doesn’t really matter, as long as we focus on ourselves and be better than we were last week.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of  Sarah Chang