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Dance competes at Santiago High


Dance Team traveled to compete in the Santiago Shark Splash at Santiago High School on Saturday, Jan. 17, earning awards in three divisions: first in Kick for team dance, first in Large Dance and fourth in Small Dance. A variety of choreographies were performed ranging from large group dances to solos for each of the officers on the team.

“We’ve been rehearsing every single day that we have dance,” sophomore Kecy Sun said. “Also, it’s basketball season so we’ve been preparing for that by practicing in the gym. In competition we dance in the gym so now we have an idea of how to dance in a gym rather than on stage.”

A list of songs were prepared for the list of dances by the dance coach such as “Speaking French” for the Extra Small Dance and “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” for the Large Dance. The dances also ranged a variety of styles such as contemporary and jazz.

“I felt really confident about all of the routines,” freshman Renee Hua said. “I know that we’ve run them many times and that everyone gave it 100 percent. Even if we don’t win a title in every dance, it’s okay because we learn from our experiences and keep improving.”

The dancers were judged based on their performances and given commentary on what they needed to improve upon.

“We were really hoping to win first place, especially in the large dance routine,” Hua said. “We’ve been practicing really hard. I know our kick routine and small routine is looking really good, but we definitely have room for improvement. Mrs. Tomlin always says it’s a work in progress.”

Having practiced during the summer and already having a whole routine ready before the school year took off, they had plenty of time to improve.

“If you watch our routines from the beginning of the year to the national convention, they’re completely different despite the same costumes and songs,” Hua said. “They’re different because we worked on them so that we can improve the choreography and the routines best fit for the team.”

The team went against many other schools and competed within the varsity division. Now they plan to proceed onto nationals.

“It was really interesting to see what kind of dances they are doing this year,” Sun said. “It was eye-opening to see the differences of each team. They definitely challenge us, but in a good way.”

By Irene Ornelas, Staff writer

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