Dance hosts Winter Wishes concert

Dance team, Advanced Dance and Dance 2 performed at the annual “Winter Wishes” Concert on Thursday, Nov. 30 and Friday, Dec. 1 at the Performing Arts Center.

Performers gave “wishes” to the audience by portraying a theme for each dance, such as hope, confidence, friendship, guidance and reminiscence.

“The performance gave everyone the ability to share our wishes and spread kindness and joy of the holidays to our family and friends. It also gave a lot of originality behind every piece and made it unique like the person who choreographed it,” dance team freshman Nisha Lerdsuwanrut said. “It made me feel grateful for every blessing I’ve been given and all the opportunities that have led me up to being able to share these pieces.”

Dance team showcased their competition pieces, new dances and student-choreographed dances, which consisted of lyrical, jazz, contemporary, kick and prop numbers.

“We only get to perform [these student-choreographed pieces] at this show, and after this we don’t perform it anymore, so I think it’s just really fun to incorporate to this show,” dance team junior Kelly Chen said. “[Choreographing the dances] really gets our brains working, and it’s a lot of fun to be dancing because [the self-choreographed dances are] one of the pieces that we don’t stress about as much as our competition pieces.”

Dancers from Dance 2 and Advanced Dance participated in the concert as well, performing alongside Dance team during their new dances and the student-choreographed dances.

“My favorite part was getting to connect with the other dancers from different classes and helping them get over their fear of performing, by communicating with them and giving them advice on how to do well during the performance,” dancer freshman Brianna Chen said.

By Flora Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Emily Ng