Dance is “Taking Flight”

Dance Team and dance classes will perform in their annual spring concert “Taking Flight” Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29 in the Performing Arts Center.

Dance Team will perform competition pieces, while Advanced Dance and dance classes will perform self-choreographed pieces corresponding to this year’s theme of taking flight into the next school year.

“‘Taking Flight’ symbolizes that we’re taking off and succeeding in a lot of ways. [Dance] teaches you to be more comfortable, so when you go into the real world you can go ahead without being hesitant,” Dance Team member sophomore Lelilah Lou said. “Our dances are audience favorites because they’re entertaining to watch, and people can relate to our theme.”

The show features mashups of songs including “It’s a Beautiful Day,” “Like a Prayer,” “Flashlight” and “Salute.” Jazz, lyrical and kick dances as well as a group finale will be included in the concert.

“The show is very upbeat because we’re smiling throughout the whole thing and using our whole body. It makes you want to dance, and if you’re sitting there in the audience you’ll want to get up and have fun,” Dance 1 freshman Razan Hassasaberoul said.

Students worked in partners to think of unique themes for each of the dances and submit them to the class for consideration. The classes voted on their favorite ideas to showcase in the concert.

“Choosing your themes puts you into the show because [the themes will be] something that you’ll like and enjoy. We’re excited to do the dances we chose because we have different inputs, and every dance is unique,” Dance 1 freshman Klarissa Perez said. “It’s really inspiring to be able to dance what we want to dance and learn from it at the same time.”

After deciding on a selection of themes, classes split into groups and collaborated on costume ideas for the show. Then, students presented their top three ideas before picking costumes to purchase.

“The costumes are really light so you can dance in them easier, and really fun to pick out because you can wear the outfits outside of school [after the concert]. There’s different varieties of costumes because there’s no set guidelines, so it lets you show your style and personality,” Hassasaberoul said.

In preparation for the concert, Advanced Dance and dance classes started practice at the beginning of February. Performers will also have afterschool and dress rehearsals two weeks prior to the show.

“We devote all of our time to this show, and we’re all working together to get these pieces together,” Advanced Dance senior Alexus White said. “At the end of the night, we know we’ll all be proud of ourselves because we were able to put together this much work and dedication into our dances.”

By Amy Lo, Staff writer
Photo by Sajid Iqbal