Dance performs at back to school night

Dance team performed at Back to School Night Thursday, Aug. 23 in the gym.

As their second performance of the school year, they performed their lyrical competition piece to “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys, which they also performed at their Junior Dance Intensive, where they teach kids from second to eighth grade jazz, hip hop and lyrical pieces during the summer.

“It’s cool to see our peers actually recognizing what we’re doing,” sophomore Nisha Lerdsuwanrut said. “I feel really bonded to the team when I’m performing, especially when I look over to the girl next to me and see that she’s giving 110 percent just like I am.”

They are able to notice tiny details and further critique their choreography, if needed, to prepare for the competition season by performing in front of an audience. It also helps ensure that there is no room for error in their formations and helps them get accustomed to different spacing that might show up.

“It’s always good to get used to performing in front of a crowd. It’s very easy to let our nerves get the best of us so any performance can help us get mentally prepared,” junior Serena Tang said. “My favorite part is just to be able to enjoy presenting our hard work to the audience with my team members.”

By Alison Ho, Feature editor
Photo by Jessie Dixon