Dance performs in its Winter Wishes Concert

Dance team, Dance Department and Dance II held their annual Winter Wishes Concert Thursday, Nov. 17 and Friday, Nov. 18 in the Performing Arts Center.

The concert featured a compilation of different songs, including “Keep Your Head Up” by Birdy, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Phoenix” from Fall Out Boy, that express hope, camaraderie and self-empowerment, respectively. The opening song was “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” from the Glee Christmas album.

“I think what we are trying to give to the audience is happiness and lots of positive energy. We want to make sure they have a great time. It’s just a really fun way to start off the show, especially since it’s coming close to Christmas,” sophomore Summer Armstrong said.

Dance team hosted daily after-school rehearsals until 5 p.m. the week of the concert and seven-hour dress rehearsals Nov. 12 and Nov. 16. Many of the dancers choreographed their own dances and performed their own solos.

“I felt empowered because it was by myself and I controlled what the audience saw. I was very passionate because I liked the song, choreography and costume. [“I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston] is more emotional, and I had to portray the lyrics that it conveyed. It was very exhilarating when I was doing my solo,” Dance captain senior Caroline Peh said.

Dance team and Dance Department ended the concert by performing “Joy to the World” by Mannheim Steamroller, a traditional song that they dance to every Winter Wishes Concert.

“The song is played every year, so it’s just something familiar,” junior Jacelyn Hu said. “The whole point of Winter Wishes is to wish others happy holidays and [the song] is a good ending to our show. The song is us giving the audience joy through dancing.” 

Bouquets were sold before, during and after intermission; all proceeds from the concert will financially support the dance team’s trip to Florida on March 4, where the Contest of Champions, an open national competition, is held. Many of the pieces Dance team performed during the Winter Wishes concert are the same pieces they will play at the Contest of Champions.

“This is our first time performing all of our competition pieces in front of an audience, so it gives us a lot of extra practice for competition season and nationals,” Lieutenant senior Colby Wong said. “It’s a good experience to go out of state and be able to compete our routines in front of other schools.”


By Sherman Wu, Staff writer
Photo by Samuel Compolongo