Dance performs in Winter Wishes Concert

The Dance Department held its Winter Wishes Concert Thursday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 22.

Dance Team, Advanced Dance and Dance 2 performed its numbers, showcasing seven competitive routines, five “Winter Wishes” performances and five solos. 

Dance Team officers and seniors choreographed each “Winter Wishes” dance for a group consisting of four to five dancers. The two-minute performances were each named a different wish for the audience to receive during the holiday season, such as “Self-confidence,” “Celebration” and “Finding Yourself.”

“[Winter Wishes] is more focused on seeing each team member a little more, since they’re smaller routines,” Dance Team member junior Sarah Smith said. “For competition routines, we take them really seriously because we have to prepare them for competitions so we do well. For our Winter Wish ones, they’re more for us to have fun on stage — we still take them seriously and clean them, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Many of the performances were character routines — dances that tell a narrative. For example, the Dance Team dressed as bellhops in its kick routine and portrayed a tragic love story in its small lyrical routine. 

“Hard work pays off — we performed really well as a team. We were clean and together in most of our dances, and our performance went pretty well,” Dance Team member freshman Siarra Huang said. “We can communicate with each other well, push each other, encourage each other to do better and have everyone keep up.”

In order to perfect their performance, dancers practiced for four hours every day, including Saturday rehearsals. Practices helped strengthen bonds and overall coordination of the team.

“It’s just really nice to be able to show everyone our passion and for everyone to see our dances because nobody has really seen them yet,” Smith said. “We’re all really proud of each other because we’ve come a long way since when we first started. We’re all just dancing for each other, and we really just want to show everyone how hard we work for each other.”

By Emily Cao, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le