Dance places at Woodbridge High


Dance team took part in its fourth competition of the year at Woodridge High school on Saturday, Feb. 28. Despite how the choreographers modified the routine of the dances a week before the competition, the girls still won first in officers, second in kick, fourth in large lyrical, fourth in large jazz and fifth in small dance.

“It was pretty nerve-racking knowing that in a couple of days we would have to learn and nail the new changes, but we worked hard through the pressure and had a successful competition. In order to memorize the routines, we kept practicing the changes until it was seared into our brain,” freshman Jaclyn Hu said.

To make the dance moves more aesthetically pleasing to the judges, the team sometimes added more layers and simplified the routine at different parts of the choreography.

“I think it was a good segue for nationals. We performed with confidence and the dances were clean considering the changes we made the week of. It was a good competition but there is always room for improvement. Our coaches can keep drilling us for the final challenge, but they can only do so much. We only have nine days left to practice for the [upcoming finals], but I see a lot of potential for this group of girls,” senior Frances Lai said.

By Albert Law, Staff writer

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