Dance Team collaborates with performing arts school

Dance was invited to open up and close the show for the Studio Arts Performing Arts School at the Performing Arts Center on Saturday, Jan. 24. This fundraiser performance helped both the dance team and dance school earn money through ticket sales to further improve their programs.

“We [were] just happy to contribute and host the fundraiser performance. We feel very ecstatic because we get to help the dance school,” sophomore Chelsea Chang said. “It’s definitely new for me because we’ve never done something like this since I was on the team.”

The Studio Arts School was the main host of the fundraiser and asked for permission to use the Performing Arts Center for its show, inviting the Dance Team to perform as well.

“It was definitely a different experience because so far we haven’t interacted with any other schools outside our district,” freshman Jaclyn Hu said. “They were just very welcoming and it was a great experience.”

Unlike Dance’s typical productions, this performance was more casual and only showcased two genres, jazz and lyrical, out of the many other dances it usually performs at its concerts.

“We were not the stars of this performance, but we were the hosts,” sophomore Christianne Wong said. “It was a lot less hectic and stressful because the main performers were the Studio Arts kids.”

They performed a jazz-inspired dance to the song “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie, Q-Tip and GoonRock along with a lyrical dance to “Light” by Sleeping At Last.

“If I had to give one comment [about our performance], it would be that we’re not used to the stage anymore since it’s been ages since we did the Winter Concert,” Wong said. “But aside that, we did really well.”

Before the show, the performers had a meet and greet with the other dancers ranging from the 6th to 12th grades. They were able to chat, eat food and share their favorite dance moves in a big circle.

“[The other dancers] were just the kind of dancers that you’d want to hang out with all day. You can tell they were really passionate about their dancing and it really shows on stage,” Hu said. “Even though it started awkward, we eventually warmed up to each other. They’re just an amazing group of people that I’d really love to work with again.”

After collaborating with Studio Arts, the dancers were able to gain exposure to the school’s use of variety of dance styles from hip-hop to gymnastics. This has also given them the opportunity to want to try and incorporate new techniques into future dances.

“I think we already wanted to try different styles on the team but we want to put our best and strongest techniques out there like jazz, lyrical, kick and contemporary,” Chang said. “We mostly experience them during summer practices. But personally for me, I would want to try out those [different styles] on the team.”

By Olivia Chiang, Staff writer

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