Dance Team dresses up to boost spirits

Dance Team has themed dress up days during their Zoom practices every Friday. 

On the days of themed practices, the members of the team dress from head-to-toe according to a theme that Coach Audrey De Guzman chooses. Then, they decide who has the best costume. The winner  voted “best dressed” is exempt from a conditioning exercise for the next practice.

Guzman started this activity because she could tell that the girls on the team were getting burned out with distance learning and Zoom practices. 

“[Classes] seem melted together after a while because it is so repetitive” freshman Cayleigh Lin said. “I think [themed practices] help make school a little more exciting”. 

Themed practices allow the team to become more familiar with each other. They are encouraged to dress up and have fun. Under normal circumstances, they would be spending 20 hours a week together in the dance room. They currently only have four hours a week.

“It’s been really fun to see the girls interacting with each other and maintaining that strong bond despite the circumstances,” Guzman said.

Freshman Kaitlyn Mak dressed up as Blair Waldorf from hit show Gossip Girl on favorite television show day. Some characters that inspired costumes were Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy, Peppa Pig from Peppa Pig and Sofia the First from Sofia the First. They also had Hawaiian day and Christmas themed dress-up day. 

“We all just want to dance together again” Coach Guzman said. “Themed practice Fridays is just a fun way to end the week and it gives the girls something to look forward to. I can’t wait until we’re all reunited.”

By Sofia Majeed, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Audrey De Guzman