Dance Team performs at Back to School Night

Dance Team performed during Back to School Night Thursday, Aug. 29 in the gym.

Dance performed its medium lyrical routine, which included a combination of movements such as arabesques, attitude turns and jetes. For one of its first performances, dance displayed its abilities to parents and students to promote the program and serve as experience.

“The staff members are pretty supportive of us,” junior Sarah Smith said. “I enjoyed being able to show our routines off, especially after we put so much effort into making it look nice.”

In preparation for the performance and future competitions, Dance Team rehearsed its performance since June. The team focused on synchronization to improve the routine, specifically refining rhythm and the timing of its moves.

“We wanted to showcase that we have a lot of potential that we can work together as a team,” freshman Alyssa Lopez said. “I personally love performing, so it’s just the thing that makes me happy. The stage is my happy place, so it’s just really relaxing to me. It really is special to me to perform for parents, students and faculty.”

By Ethan Park, Opinion editor
Photo by Annika Le