Dance Team performs for SAE concert

Dance Team performed with another dance group from the School of Arts and Enterprise (SAE) Thursday, Jan. 28 in the Performing Arts Center.

In appreciation for allowing the arts school to borrow Walnut High School’s Performing Arts Center as a stage, SAE invited Dance to perform in their production. The performance was meant to help raise funds for the performing arts programs in both schools.

“It’s a really good opportunity to get to know other schools and their styles of dancing while fundraising for ourselves and for another school,” Dance lieutenant junior Jazmine Fann said. “I’m really excited to look at their new dances and have them see ours. It’s not a competition, so we all have a really fun time interacting with them and setting up a great showcase.”

For this production, Dance prepared two pieces for the show. The first dance of the song “Omigod You Guys” from the Broadway musical “Legally Blond” was performed by the five officers on the team, and the second piece consisted of 11 members dancing to the song “Eyes” by Kaskade.

“We are all really confident about [the pieces]. We’ve been practicing and running our dances since the summer, so we’re very familiar with the choreography. With a lot of practice, there weren’t really that many difficulties,” sophomore Jaclyn Hu said. “It’s more practice for us to perform our pieces in front of the audience. Basically, it helps us get ready for Nationals.”

In the past year, Dance collaborated with the SAE as guests in their show, and received the chance to greet and personally bond with them.

“We did this fundraiser last year, which I found to be very fun since I got to meet new people. They’re really cool. They’re not very shy, and they’re very skilled dancers, so it was exciting to work with them,” Hu said. “I can’t wait to see them again and meet new members this time.”

Part of the experience included learning new techniques and working in a new atmosphere with students from an arts school.

“I’m looking forward to having a fun time since I used to go to the studio and practice with different people, but I’m kind of nervous too because it’s a lot different,” freshman Cara Tsui said. “It’s still very exciting to be spending time with [SAE] and my team.”

By Staff Writer, Jessica Huang

Photo Courtesy of Kristie Law